4D Augmented Reality Engagement
Club Mahindra Kerala


To promote their Kerala properties, Club Mahindra wanted to target kids who can be primary influencers in a family for vacation investments.

The idea was to provide a virtual experience that could motivate kids to urge their parents to take them to the real thing.

Malls were identified as touch-points.


We came up with the World’s First 4D Augmented Reality Experience, taking children on a virtual tour to Kerala and making them interact with a virtual baby elephant!

It was not just any regular interaction, … it was 4 Dimensional. As the elephant approached and showered them with water, the kids physically felt the spray!


The engagement was a big hit, with more than 3000 people participating, mostly kids.

Over 100000 non-participants witnessed the engagement.

The resulting viral video extended the audience by a few lakhs more.

Substantial data collection was achieved, enquiries went up by 128% and there was a direct impact on sales.