3D Selfie Station
Ghayal Once Again


To promote Sunny Deol’s much anticipated movie sequel “Ghayal Once Again” the requirement was to create a scalable engagement where fans could be “with their hero” and get a feel of the movie.

The engagement also needed to be extendable to social media to amplify viewership & buzz while aligning with the poster design.


We created a unique 3D Selfie Station, inspired by the poster, calling out to fans to “Hang Out with Sunny”.

Fans could actually get alongside Sunny or stand in front of him and click a selfie. This could be then shared on social media.

Top Bollywood personalities participated in the campaign, amplifying the same to fans on social media.

The Selfie Stand was also featured on the famous Kapil Sharma Show on prime time TV.


The campaign was a nationwide success, receiving extensive press coverage. It engaged over 150000 fans and reached out to approximately 1200000 people through social media.

The celebrity participation escalated the overall buzz ensured optimal anticipation for the release of the movie.