Integrated Ambient & Cinema Theatre Campaign
Ice Age Movie


The new Ice Age movie needed effective promotion which would create engagement.

The idea was to let people interact with the premise and characters of the movie to reiterate the fun and excitement of the previous movies in the series.

The emphasis was on outdoor ambient promotion with some in-theatre promotion in addition.


We installed a giant acorn, along with models of characters from the movie, at strategic locations, for people to engage, interact and click selfies.

At cinema foyers we created a branded “snowfall gateway”, pleasantly surprising movie goers with an unexpected snowfall, heralding the Ice Age!


An estimated 40000 people engaged with the campaign.

Another 3 lakhs witnessed it at various locations.

There was a lot of word-of-mouth, press coverage and online reporting.

The activity escalated the awareness and anticipation for the movie and it opened to packed theatres.