Metro Station Quiz Innovation


Colors TV wanted to launch their new show “Shani” by making people aware about the much feared God and laying to rest negative perceptions of him.

The idea was to engage people about Shani and communicate that the God can also bestow good fortune on them.


Commuters at Metro Stations were greeted by Shani branding and messaging which led to an interactive quiz kiosk.

They had to answer questions about the God and, if correct, the kiosk would gift them a free Metro Travel Pass!

Shani could indeed bring good fortune to people!

The activity was a huge success, with overwhelming participation.

There were long queues of commuters at the kiosks, waiting to try their luck.

The activity became the central attraction at each station.


Over 60000 Metro commuters directly participated in the activity while an estimated 350000 more witnessed it at Metro Stations.

Online amplification widened the audience to about 10 lakhs.

There was a lot of word-of-mouth, press coverage and online reporting.

The activity escalated the awareness and anticipation for the show and it premiered with incredible TRP figures.