Bench Innovation
Reliance Digital Laptop Festival


Reliance Digital, one of the largest players in the retail electronics space, wanted a scalable ambient campaign to promote it’s Laptop Festival, especially among students & youth.

The emphasis was on surprise to get eyeballs, uniqueness to facilitate engagement and aligning with the “boot up your life” tagline.


We created branded ‘laptop benches’ and placed them at colleges, youth hubs and prime public locations across major cities.

The uniqueness of the installations got unprecedented attention and people were too keen to engage by sitting on them.

Anybody could sit on them for a bit to relax and “boot up their lives”.


Over 354000 brand impressions were made.

Reliance Digital witnessed a 29% increase in footfalls.

The campaign resulted in a 45% increase in laptop related queries at Reliance Digital.

The campaign also got ample press coverage and PR buzz.